Digital Phone Directory

Welcome to the new home of the Cove Cliff parent and student digital phone directory.

Every year, we collect contact information that our families want to share with one another, and compile it into the Cove Cliff Parent and Student Directory. For 2016/2017, we have decided to take our directory and make it available in real time, from anywhere you have access to the web. Our directly is stored right here on our PAC website, where only you have access to it through a secure login system.

The Directory can help connect our school community to each other to plan play dates, birthday parties, events, or just to chat. The directory helps our school community strengthen in so many ways. It’s a very useful and popular resource, and we would like everyone to participate, at least by providing the names of your children and which grades they will be attending this year. Adding your email address and phone number will really help bring great value to the directory.

This year, we are trying to make updating and accessing this resource as easy as possible. Signing up and adding parents and student information is easy and secure, and you can update it at any time. Simply click here to create your account and add/edit your details. Creating and updating your directory entry is always available online. Registration and login is required.

Clicks and Mortar

In previous years, our directory was published once in the Fall after collecting the various forms given to parents at the beginning of the school year. For 2016/2017, we will continue to publish a hard (paper) copy of the directory, only this year we will also have an online directory that will update in real time. If there is an error after the print version is published, you can login and make any corrections and they will be reflected immediately in the online version. Keeping our directory up-to-date and accessible is what will make it even more valuable to the entire Cove Cliff community.


We are starting with a clean slate this year. Directory data becomes outdated each year, so you need to submit it even if you already submitted last year. Thanks for participating and help build our school community!

There are certain PAC guidelines with regards to informed consent and the collection of personal information that we follow and you should be aware of. All of the data collected by the Cove Cliff PAC through our website is stored securely in a data centre in Vancouver, BC and therefore governed by Canadian privacy laws. The information is never shared with third parties. Only the PAC executive, directory committee and our webmaster have access to the data. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
The connection to this website is using a strong SSL encryption protocol and cipher suite. All resources on this website are served securely.

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