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Hello and welcome back to Cove Cliff for 2016/2017. Our P.A.C. supplies Cove Cliff students with a hot lunch on Mondays & Fridays.

For the Hot Lunch Calendar, click HERE.

Here are a few facts about our hot lunch program:

  • To ensure our kids get their hot lunches accurately and promptly, we need between 4-6 parent volunteers each Monday and Friday - this works out to over 300 person hours during the school year!
  • Each of the six hot lunch option's Coordinators puts in up to 20 additional hours to make sure the food is delivered to our school on time.
  • In addition to providing our kids with a Hot Lunch 2 days per week, our program also raises a significant amount of money for the PAC! These funds help our kids and their teachers, as money donated through the PAC is used to provide items such as new computers and iPads, books, additional educational opportunities, and so much more.

To help make things easier for our hot lunch Coordinators, we will be making a few changes this year:

  • Our MunchaLunch ordering system will be open for fall orders on Monday, September 19th /16 and the deadline to complete your order is Sunday, September 25th /16. The ordering will open up again in January for the second half of the year.
  • For parents who choose not to pay immediately when completing their MunchaLunch order (MunchaLunch accepts Paypal or credit card), we need to receive your cheque at the office by Friday, September 30th /16. Otherwise we will have to cancel your child's order for the term.
  • Once you have set up your order for the year, you will be able to remove 'future dates' from your order within MunchaLunch, without the need to contact our hot lunch Coordinators. The system will automatically credit your MunchaLunch account for next term. Please note you have to complete this 8 days in advance of the hot lunch date, or your child's food will have already been ordered and you will not be able to cancel.
  • We will no longer be selling food on hot lunch days, as we try to order just enough food to cover that day's pre-ordered lunches and prevent waste.

If you are new to the school, looking to connect with some other parents, or simply want to help out, volunteering with the hot lunch program is a great way to support our kids and their school! We are introducing to coordinate our parent volunteers. Please visit the Cove Cliff Sign Up page to find out how you can help. Each shift is approximately 1 hour and you can choose to help out any Monday or Friday for any of the Hot Lunch options.

Please sign up and help deliver hot lunches. Just click and pick your spot.

Please sign up and help deliver hot lunches. Just click and pick your spot.

During last year's poll, over 85% of parents supported an upgrade to organic chicken hot dogs. Unfortunately, Cobb's can't guarantee their buns are nut free, therefore we will staying with the traditional hot dog buns for now. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote and provide your feedback!

Thank you!

Janice Agar (Cove Cliff Hot Lunch Coordinator) -


Charts for Subway Ingredients and Subway Allergens.

Your 2016/2017 Coordinators:
  • Pizza Friday - Raina Croner and Karen McGee
  • Well Fed (MLB) - Lynda Roxburgh
  • Subway Monday - Jill Neale and Lisa Gilmore
  • Pasta Day - Nora Pickett
  • Hot Dog Friday - Jenn McCarron & Janice Agar
  • Sushi Friday - Idit Barzilay
Register for Munch-a-lunch

Register for Munch-a-lunch

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