Hot Lunch Registration is On!

hot_lunch Parents! Don't forget to get your orders in to the hot lunch program. This is an awesome and fun program that the kids truly love. We have some great option this year and you can check out the entire Hot Lunch Calendar right here. Thanks to our Hot Lunch co-ordinator (Janice Agar) and all the volunteers who put this great menu together. If you have any questions, email

To get started, just click on the Munch a Lunch links on the right side of the page and place your order! left-right-arrow-traffic-sign-k-164

Just remember that this year, We will no longer be selling food on hot lunch days, as we try to order just enough food to cover that day's pre-ordered lunches and prevent waste, so please sign up now and you will be covered for the entire term.

If you would like to help (and we would really love it if you could), then please feel free to signup and volunteer to help support the program and have a great time making everyone of our kids happy. Signup only take a few minutes and creates hours of great memories! 🙂

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