The Province has officially declared Oct. 5, 2017, as World Teachers’ Day in British Columbia to celebrate the outstanding contributions of educators throughout the province.

Premier John Horgan and Education Minister Rob Fleming joined together with B.C. Teachers' Federation president Glen Hansman, local teachers, students and key education stakeholders at the Parliament Buildings today to celebrate and honour B.C. teachers. The event also included students from the South Park Elementary school choir. The students lit up the event with their performances of O Canada and Freedom Train.

“I am thrilled to officially proclaim Oct. 5 as World Teachers’ Day in British Columbia. The dedicated teachers throughout our province deserve to be honoured and celebrated for the work they do,” said Premier Horgan. “We are going to make sure that teachers in B.C. have the resources and tools they need to give children the education they deserve.”

World Teachers' Day is a significant symbol of awareness, understanding and appreciation for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development of students. British Columbia has a world-renowned education system, due in large part to the contributions of outstanding teachers. British Columbia’s students continue to be world leaders in many subjects, including reading, science and math.

“We are extremely proud of the quality of teachers in B.C. Teaching is a highly respected and honoured profession filled with the best and brightest talent,” Fleming said. “The B.C. government is focused on investing in British Columbia’s education system and developing new relationships with our education partners that are built on trust and respect.”

World Teachers’ Day began in 1994 when the United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Foundation (UNESCO) proclaimed Oct. 5 as a day to show appreciation for teachers and to raise awareness about the significant contributions that teachers make to education and society. Today, over 100 countries worldwide observe World Teachers' Day.

“There’s a lot to celebrate on this World Teachers’ Day, with so many new teachers coming into B.C.’s public schools,” Hansman said. “They bring a tremendous infusion of new energy and expertise to add to the incredible base of knowledge, skills and caring within our established teaching force. This is a new chapter for B.C. teachers, one in which our commitment is valued and our professionalism is respected. We will continue to do our very best for all of the students in our care, and ensure safe and inclusive schools for all learners.”

“Great teachers motivate, inspire and lead. Great teachers change lives. They interact with their community to affect positive change through their students and themselves. On World Teachers’ Day, the B.C. Teachers’ Council wishes to acknowledge the extraordinary work done by our B.C. K-12 certified teachers. Thank you to the great teachers of British Columbia for making lasting differences in both the lives of B.C. students and the well-being of B.C. communities. Happy World Teachers’ Day 2017,” said Rebecca Blair, chair of the B.C. Teachers’ Council.

“I teach because I see it as a way for making meaningful connections and change in the world. Education is one way to heal our communities,” said Tanya Adams, a Grade 2/3 teacher from Craigflower Elementary school in Victoria.

Adams is Nlha7kapmux and a member of the Lytton First Nation. “I knew from a young age that change needed to happen and that’s what I’m striving to do as a teacher. The new B.C. curriculum beautifully weaves Indigenous knowledge and truthful histories of Canada, so we can teach and integrate First Nations history to all students, both First Nations and non-First Nations.” 

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